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Do you have unwanted moles and skin tags, and want to remove them from your skin as soon as possible? Cosmetic Mole + Skin Tag removal is a simple, no stitches procedure to remove unsightly Moles + Skin Tags fast.


Characteristics of Common Moles

Moles usually occur above your waist but can be found on your buttocks, breasts or scalp as well. Since some moles can develop into melanoma, you should monitor the size and appearance of your moles for changes. our skin specialist can show how to inspect your skin and keep track of any changes. Common moles tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Round or oval shape

  • Flat, or slightly raised with a domed appearance

  • Smooth, uniform edges

  • Smaller than the size of a pencil eraser

  • Uniform in color, some shade of pink, tan or brown

  • Moles are usually removed if they are new or changing.

Which moles can be treated?

Generally, all raised benign moles are suitable for this treatment, including hairy moles,dermal (non-pigmented) moles, seborrhoeic keratoses (“senile warts”) and pigmented moles.

What does the cosmetic mole removal involve?

Local anesthetic is applied to the immediate area. The bulk of the lesion is shaved off surgically and then a radiofrequency wave is used to resurface and coagulate the area. A dressing is applied for 24-48 hours, after which a silicone gel is applied to aid healing. There is little aftercare required and you can resume normal day to day activities immediately afterwards.

How to Get Moles Removed?

We use radio frequency technology that seals the skin as it cuts away the mole or skin tag lesion and similar lesions from any area of the body. This method of mole and skin tag removal minimises bleeding and leaves a temporary superficial scab which falls off in a short time resulting in a smooth skin surface.

What will happen if something suspicious is found?


The specialist will explain all the options for further investigations and/or treatment at the time of your skin check. You are always free to ask for another opinion.

What Should I Expect After My Treatment?

Provided it is left to heal naturally (generally 7 to 10 days), there is rarely any scarring at the treatment area.  There may be a slight color difference in the treated skin (compared to the surrounding skin) but this fades over time when the skin’s normal pigment has been restored.

Olive and darker complexions may result in lighter circles of skin where moles and lesions have been removed, due to a loss of pigment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

One treatment maybe sufficient to remove each lesion/mole, although follow up treatments may be required.  

who can not be treated?

We can not treat any suspicious moles or lesions. Our qualified skin cancer dermatologist nurse will be able to identify lesions that need to be seen by skin specialists.


Suspicious lesions must undergo pathology testing for all-clear, prior to treatment.


mole&tag removal Pricing

Initial consultation including skin check only                              $90

Initial Consultation & Check  + Mole Removal                    From $365      


1 x Moles   From $365        

2 x Moles   From $375             3 x Moles    From $399  

4 x Moles   From $450             5 x Moles    From $499

Skin Tag Removal (1-5)                              From $300 


*Cosmetic mole removal cost varies depending upon the size and number of moles to be removed, The price start from $300.

Only available on

 Saturday   9:00am - 6pm

 SUNDAY      9:30AM - 4PM

please call us to make an appointment

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