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skin cancer check

Skin Cancer Check Sydney

Skin Cancer is the most common type of cancer in Australia. Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world where 2 out of 3 will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. Anyone can get skin cancer, but the risk is greatest for people who are fair skinned, or with a family history of skin cancer, or who live in Australia. Skin cancers are generally curable if caught early. However, people who have had skin cancer are at a higher risk of developing a new skin cancer, which is why regular self-examination and specialist visits are imperative.

Do I need a referral from a doctor for my Skin Cancer checkup?

No, a referral is not required. You can simply call 029439 4697 or book online.

How long does my skin check take?

The average consultation takes about 15 - 20 minutes, but this may vary according to your specific needs. 

Is the skin check safe? Is it painful?

The skin check is completely safe and painless! our specialist simply looks over your skin under bright lights using a special hand-held magnifying tool.

What will happen if something suspicious is found?

The dermatology nurses will explain all the options for further investigations and/or treatment at the time of your skin check. You are always free to ask for another opinion.

What does a professional skin cancer check involve?

Your dermatology nurses will do a thorough check of the skin on your entire body, including scalp, eyelids, between fingers and toes, and underarms. This is because skin cancers can sometimes appear in places that aren’t regularly exposed to the sun.

At Facetime skin and body clinic our specialist use a dermascope to closely examine spots, lesions and moles for any irregularities or signs for concern.


We will also take a magnified, high-definition photo of anything that looks suspicious so that it can be saved and digitally monitored.  


At the start of your appointment, your specialist will ask you questions about your relevant history, including your family history and your personal history. This helps determine if you’re more predisposed to skin cancer.

Your dermatology nurses will also discuss risk factors with you, such as your regular exposure to UV radiation, working conditions, skin type and any other risk factors that may be relevant.

Post-Assessment Skin Cancer Check Plans

If nothing suspicious is found, our dermatology nurses will advise you on when you should return for your next check up. The time frame will depend on your history, risk factors and your skin. We also provide advice on doing a self-check at home in between visits and what sort of signs to look for.

If there is something that looks suspicious, your specialist will give you information and recommend the next steps, whether that should be monitoring, biopsy or removal. Our dermatology nurses will provide relevant recommendations depend on the appearance of the lesion and specific professional guidelines.

We also send you your photos so that you’ll be able to use them as a reference when doing your home checks and you’ll have easy access if you decide to obtain a second opinion.

If the recommendation is removal of the mole, we can do most removals in our clinic, or we will refer you to the right facility.  

Skin Cancer Check Pricing

Full body skin check with total body mole mapping       $90       

Head to toe examination by an accredited skin cancer Specialist with dermatoscope.

We do not provide skin biopsy and excisions in our clinic Any suspicious lesions will be refereed to a skin cancer specialists. 



Only available on

 Saturday   9:30am - 6pm

 SUNDAY      9:30AM - 4PM

please call us to make an appointment

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